High Voltage Tester

The CT-HVT Series encompasses a selection of automated high-voltage AC testing equipment designed for evaluating various test objects with voltage capacities up to 100 kV RMS at a line frequency of 50 Hz.
These systems provide substantial output current at elevated voltages, making them appropriate for conducting assessments in environments with high capacitance loads. In addition, a user-friendly touchscreen interface and digital controls enable fully automated test cycles and storage of results within the equipment’s internal memory.
Additionally, the CT-HVT Series offers comprehensive safety features, including overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, input power safety, and operator safety protection.


Test Voltage – Up to 100 kV RMS

Test Current – Up to 100 mA RMS

Voltage Ramp Rate – 0.1 to 3 kV/s for up to 10 kV model s

Touchscreen Display – 7 inch

Memory – 100 results

PC Control -Optional

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